Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 4 Recap With Spoilers “Back to Cali

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 4 Recap : Jimmy’s fate is revealed and tensions with Market Equities reach a new level in “Back to Cali 

The third episode of Yellowstone’s third season ended with a bit of a twist, with Jimmy apparently seriously injured after being thrown from a horse in the rodeo arena, while on the Dutton family’s side, the politics of things got even more complicated. Complications are made when Governor Perry decides that Jamie needs to be appointed interim Attorney General, requiring John to replace Jamie as Livestock Commissioner. In the fourth episode of season 3, “Going Back to Cali”, we learn of Jimmy’s fate and things become more complicated where Yellowstone is involved. What happened here?

Fair warning: there are spoilers for Yellowstone from this point forward. Read only if you want to know

What Happened in “Going Back to Cali”?

After his serious injuries last episode, Jimmy wakes up in his hospital bed with John Dutton sitting nearby reading the newspaper. Jimmy asks what day it is and John makes some jokes about it being the hospital’s payday.Jimmy’s medical bills would be substantial as his injuries were numerous and severe, including compression fractures in his neck and back, fragments of his spinal cord, a hip replacement, and more. Jimmy is lucky to be alive, but he is worried about how he will pay for it. John tells Jimmy that he doesn’t have to worry about the bills if he promises not to go back to the rodeo. Jimmy can’t make this promise so John asks him to learn to tie rope.

At the Painted Horse Casino, Rainwater and Mo meet with a lawyer to find out if what Ellis is doing with a cease and desist is legal and if there is a case.

The attorney believes this is only intended to keep the tribe tied up in court longer if they fight and that Ellis doesn’t really want the land, but they also don’t want the casino to be next to their planned community. Rainwater outlines two possible futures for the region – one where people live off the land rather than on it and a bleaker one where everything becomes a concrete world. When the lawyer leaves, Moe says that Rainwater needs to fight fire with fire and he agrees and Angela calls Blue Thunder.

Elsewhere, Beth has an idea to short market equities, but Bob is not so sure because it is risky and exciting. Beth confronts him about this, believing that they actually do not have a permit for the airport yet. In Yellowstone, Governor Perry comes to see John, but he is at summer camp and has to get there on an off-road vehicle. When she gets there, she says she has come to ask Kayce to be the Livestock Commissioner. She talks to Kayce and explains the situation, also explaining to him that she needs Jamie to do something different and that she wants to keep Montana as it is. Kayce reluctantly agrees.

Perry spends the night at the camp with John, while, elsewhere, Beth spends the night at Rip’s place. The next morning, there is awkwardness all around the camp as well as Rip, after the evening before Beth had suggested that Rip should call her “wife”. Rip and Beth talk about it and have a vulnerable moment in which Beth confesses to him that she cannot have children. Elsewhere, Roarke learns from television that Market Equities Group’s stock has dropped drastically and he hears bad press about various bad investments in Montana and learns who is behind it. At the casino, Rainwater meets Angela who is not happy with how he is managing the casino’s money. She eventually agrees to help him.

Kayce, Monica and Tate spend family time. Rip and Lloyd complete some auction purchases and move the cattle into trailers, but the Wranglers – including Teeter – run into trouble in the form of bikers who have cut the farm’s fence and are cooking. The bikers are told they are on private land, not a national park, and the group leader questions why the sign says Yellowstone. A fight ends. Rip and Lloyd arrive and turn the battle in the Wranglers’ favor, eventually driving them off. They realize that when the bikers come back to get their motorcycles, they will probably start something and when they do, John will be waiting for them.

After scaring off the bikers – accompanied by Kayce, Ryan, Rip and Lloyd as backup – John tells them that if they ever come back, he will put their bodies in the holes he had them dig. He tells them that they are going back to California and they swear that they will never return. The bikers leave. John tells Kayce about his plan to build an airport and Kayce asks what he is going to do. John doesn’t know yet but he tells Rip to take down his tent at the camp. Their summer is now over.

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